Supported Platforms

With the recent wave of another round of "browser wars", we have noticed an increased amount of new browsers available.  For this reason, we test and verify our website on a variety of platforms and browsers.  Find out the platforms where the website is tested and supported.

No matter which browser you use, we recommend that you keep your browser (and your operating system) up-to-date by installing the latest patches and security updates.  Please be cautious when installing beta versions of software.

For logged in portions of the site to work properly, cookies must be enabled within your web browser.

We test and verify the website on the following platforms:


Rebranded browsers that we do not test, but expect the behavior based on the HTML engine used:

Platforms we do not test or verify at the present time:

NOTE: While we do support the use of our website on beta browsers on some platforms, until the browser becomes an official release we will not support beta browsers on all platforms.  The functionality of a particular browser on a supported platform probably is correlated to its behavior on other platforms.

Definitions of graded browsing:
Different browsers are supported at different levels.  Largely, lower ratings exist due to a lacking of functionality implemented within the browser, particularly centered around the HTML content editor functionality.  The grades are explained below:

Comments regarding Windows Media Support:
Windows Media support, including media streaming, is available using Windows Media Player 9, 10, or 11 on Windows, Flip4Mac 2.1 on Mac OS X platforms, or KMPlayer/Totem Movie Player on Linux platforms.  Video streaming is not presently supported in KMPlayer or Totem Movie Player.  While some browsers will display media files without any prompts, some browsers require a file download, clicking "Open", or possibly save a file and then double-click to launch. 

NOTE: Support displayed in italics has not yet been verified, but is expected based on platform.

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