May delivery now available

The May 2008 delivery of the platform is now complete.  New with this delivery are features all over the site.  Check out these improvements:

  • Improved Safari support
  • Accessibility title captions are now editable for images and videos
  • Easily embed video into your page with Inset Video (Windows Media, Flash).  Also easily set padding, just like you can with an image
  • Multiple checkboxes in the same form can now be part of the same group
  • For organizations that also use Access ACS, the platform now allows users to Goto ACS more easily by storing their Access ACS credentials inside of their website credentials
  • Geocoding of addresses now also supports using the Google Maps geocoder, for sites already using Google Maps technologies
  • Improved zone switching within My Groups and User Viewer.
  • More flexible phone number parsing now accepts extensions marked by "ext."
  • Newsfeeds now support markup

What do you think of these new features?  Exciting, right?!

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